Telenor Quiz Today | 8 December 2022 My Telenor Answer Today | Today Telenor Answer Quiz Update

Do you want to get free internet, SMS, or calls? If yes then simply download the My Telenor app from the google play store and give Today Telenor answers and win unlimited internet. But here is the problem I don’t know the answer what can I do? So don’t worry we are here, especially for you to provide you with the correct Telenor quiz answer to win your reward.

Telenor App Quiz Today (8 December 2022)

Are you looking for the correct answer? So here is the list of today’s Telenor questions answered.

Question 1: Hummus means ‘chickpea’ in what language?

  • Arabic
  • English
  • American
  • Australian

Answer: Arabic

Question 2: Risotto is a very famous dish from?

  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Japan

Answer: Italy

Question 3: Which language is the word “mayonnaise” derived from?

  • French
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • English

Answer: French

Question 4: Which pizza was named after a queen?

  • Tikka
  • Margherita
  • Pepperoni
  • BBQ

Answer: Margherita

Question 5: Which of these was not originally a Mexican dish?

  • Sushi
  • Tortillas
  • Enchiladas
  • Chile Rellenos

Answer: Sushi

Today my Telenor app  Answer ( Get Unlimited Internet )

Do you want to get free internet by simply answering the questions? Yes, you heard right! The Telenor app is an amazing app that provides unlimited internet to their customers free of cost in return for  Telenor quiz answers. You can provide the Today 8 December 2022 Today Telenor answer to get free unlimited internet for one day. You can get a daily net if you provide daily correct answers.

What is My Telenor App?

Telenor is one of the best telecom Providers in many countries including Pakistan. The Telenor app is basically the app that is built by the Telenor company to save time for customers. Telenor app is the best app to activate any Internet, voice call, or SMS bundle with just a simple click.

Also, they provide Lots of free internet and other physical gifts as well on their app. Telenor provides daily free internet to their customers by answering the Telenor simple quiz.

Benefits of My Telenor App

There are hundreds of benefits of using my Telenor app because you don’t need to remember the codes and also you don’t need to go to google to search for the best packages.

In the Telenor app, you can easily activate any type of cell or internet package by pressing just a single button. The Telenor app has separate sections for the packages. You can activate daily, weekly & monthly calls,s and net packages in seconds.

The main benefits are:
  • Save the time
  • Don’t need any code for activating the package
  • Don’t need to go shopping for package activation, you can easily do it by yourself.
  • Lots of free internet and gifts like mobiles and laptops.
  • Check Remaining Internet MBS
  • View your call, SMS, and data usage history for up to 30 days.
  • Share Free Balance with friends and family
  • Pay utility and internet bills.
  • Check balance fee of coast with code.

Get Free internet by test your skills

You can win free internet by answering today’s question on the My Telenor App, and you’ll get either 1000MB or 500MB of data.

Follow these simple steps to win the free internet today.

Step 1 – Open My Telenor App

Step 2 – Go to the Search bar and type ( Test Your Skills )

Step 3 –  Open the Skills Checking Tab and you will see the 5 Questions.

Step 4 – Now You can Simply answer these questions very carefully to win your reward.

Step 5 – Go to the website (  ) Type the Telenor quiz today and open the article.

Here you will get all the answers. Simply see the answers and give them on my Telenor app. After correct answers, you will get your daily reward.

What Type Of Questions you will get on APP?

On the app, you will get different types of questions related to Islamic history, Pakistan study, or international history like

Who is the first khalifa of Islam?

Who is the first President of Pakistan

What is the capital of Afghanistan?

Who is the winner of the 1992 cricket world cup?

What is the Hight of K2?

Who is the present prime minister of America etc?

So you will get this type of simple question which you can easily answer by visiting our website daily because we update daily our site for visitors to provide them the quick and correct answers.


Can I get free Internet by Providing correct today my Telenor quiz answer?

Yes, you can get your daily reward by providing them with a correct answer.

How to get Daily free Internet without knowing the answer?

If you don’t know the answer then don’t worry because you can visit our website daily to get a solved quiz answer to get your free net reward.

Is  Today Telenor answer is a scam?

No! this is not a scam. You can get daily internet by providing them with a correct answer. They are giving lots of free MB to their customers daily who provide the correct answer.

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