Class 11 Math Notes | 2023 Updated

Class 11 Math Notes

Class 11 Math Notes: Mathematics is an important topic that we study starting at a young age. It is considered a vital subject with applications in practically every part of life. It’s a fascinating topic. Many students find it challenging since even a minor error might cause your question to be incorrect. Practice is essential for achieving proficiency in this subject, which can only be obtained via class 11 math notes.

If you are from Urdu medium, you need to practice more questions from 1st-year math notes in pdf in Urdu to achieve high grades. For pre-engineering students, this is the most important topic. You should conduct extra practice in order to properly prepare for your exam.

Chapter-wise 11th class math Notes In PDF

Here is the list of 14 chapters in Math for 1st year

1.      Number Systems
2.      Sets Functions and Groups
3.      Matrices and Determinants
4.      Quadratic Equation
5.      Partial Fractions
6.      Sequences and Series
7.      Permutations Combination and Probability
8.      Mathematical Induction and Binomial Theorem
9.      Fundamentals of Trigonometry
10.   Trigonometric Identities
11.   Trigonometric Functions and Their Graphs
12.   Application of Trigonometry
13.   Inverse Trigonometric Functions
14.   Solutions of Trigonometric Equations


Mathematics Notes for 1st Year (Class – 11 / XI / F.Sc / ICS)

Math is the most feared subject among students. This fear is due to a lack of guidance. Mathematics is a very interesting subject, but the way it is taught in schools makes it boring for the majority of students. The only way you can learn and master mathematics is by preparing yourself from notes paper. The 11th class notes papers are the same for FBISE and all Punjab boards including Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Sargodha, and Narowal boards. These notes are beneficial for all other KPK, Sindh, and Baluchistan students to prepare for exams.

These 11th-year math notes include the main idea of each chapter, answers to all problems, and review exercises that are useful for recalling bigger exercises. It’s a comprehensive set of solutions to the difficulties in your really difficult book.

You may take advantage of these benefits by viewing notes on our website. Good-quality notes, all of the course materials in one location, a quick-loading website, and a user-friendly layout.

How to get 1st Year Math Notes in PDF?

There are lots of sites available that provide Notes papers for students but they just add pictures instead of the pDF files, so here we are giving you the proper guidance to get your notes in PDF.

First of all, Go to google and type ( 11th class math notes papers ( ADD WEBSITE NAME HERE ) and press enter after that go to the first link and go to the chapters list.

Here you will get a list of Chapters with exercises. Simply selects your Chapter and Click on the Exercise which you want to download. After clicking the new page will open and here you will get a download button, so simply click on the button and save the file on your computer. For the safety of your eyes, you can print these pages from any shop and keep them in the bag to prepare yourself anytime.

How To Prepare From Math Notes?

Math is a simple and straightforward subject but requires a lot of practice. Here are some tips to prepare for the math section:

  1. Keep your mind fresh, don’t get tired.
  2. Do practice questions every day, especially in the morning when you’re brain is fresh.
  3. Practice on a white surface which increases your focus and attention span.
  4. Do not just read the answers and move on to the next question, give yourself time to understand each question completely before moving on to the next one.

We all have notes that we have taken when studying mathematics. To prepare yourself for the exam, it is necessary to study these notes carefully and thoroughly, because they contain all the information that is needed in order to answer questions on the test correctly.

The Teacher’s Advice:

It is very helpful if you listen closely during class and take notes with an open mind about what the teacher says and does not say, as well as which topics he or she emphasizes more than others. You should also be aware of any new or interesting facts about different topics that come up during class time or homework assignments before taking your test day!


Now you don’t have to miss anything regarding your 11th class math studies. With these notes, you can easily understand and solve all the related questions. These are comprehensive, simple, and easy to learn for students of any standard and curriculum.

You should have a strong foundation in the class 11th and 12th mathematics syllabus. If there is something you are unsure about, then you can get your doubts clarified by going through the notes. Also, these notes will help you to score good marks in exams and assignments.


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