Class 10th Math Notes | 2023 Updated


Class 10th Math Notes

Class 10th Math Notes: Exams are coming and every student is worried about exams and they are preparing themself from

platforms to pass the papers. The Notes are the best way to prepare yourself for exams and many students are looking for class 10 notes to prepare themself. Here we are giving you the complete Solved math notes for matric students, especially for the tenth class.

10th class math notes chapter wise For All Punjab Boards 2023

The notes are very important for every student because from here they get solved questions and answers. So the 10 math Solved notes chapter-wise in PDF are available here. You can easily access these files on this website and also you can download them from here in PDF format and prepare yourself for the exam.

These solved notes are equally beneficial for all Punjab boards like the Lahore board, Gujranwala board, and Faisalabad board. But here we will add board-wise so every student can easily access these notes.


Chapters Wise Math Notes for Class 10

There is a total of 13 chapters in math which are added below.

  • Chapter 1 – Quadratic Equation
  • Chapter 2 – Theory of Quadratic Equations
  • Chapter 3 – Variations
  • Chapter 4 – Partial Fractions
  • Chapter 5 – Sets and Functions
  • Chapter 6 – Basic Statistics
  • Chapter 7 – Introduction to Trigonometry
  • Chapter 8 – Projection of A Side of a Triangle
  • Chapter 9 – Chords of a Circle
  • Chapter 10 – Tangent to a Circle
  • Chapter 11 – Chords and Arcs
  • Chapter 12 – Angle in a Segment of a Circle
  • Chapter 13 – Practical Geometry Circles

When it comes to a chapter’s exercises, you must start preparing from the beginning of the chapter. And you must grasp all of the topics and concepts, as well as apply the formulas or procedures by practicing the example problems. Finally, it’s time to move on to the exercises. Practice each exercise question one at a time, and if you notice a question has a lot of identical components, skip some of them and focus on the parts that are unique or a little difficult for you. This is how you can complete all of the exercises. I recommend that you do the problems yourself, and if you have any difficulties, simply skim the solution from our class 10 math notes.

What are Math Notes?

Math is one of the most important subjects at the matriculation level and you should have a good grip on it to prepare well for upcoming exams. If you are going to appear in the 10th class annual exams then you must be looking for the best preparation material for math subjects.

Here is a complete note of mathematics for students who want to get good marks in their annual exams. With the help of these notes, you can get good marks easily in your examinations by getting a good grip over this subject. This is a great book that contains all the chapters of matric math from which students mostly asked questions in their annual examinations.

This is not only for those who are going to appear in annual exams but also for those who are preparing for competitive exams because math is also a basic subject that is also taught on an intermediate level with other science-based subjects like physics, chemistry, etc.

10th Class Math Exercise wise Notes


When it comes to exercises in a chapter, don’t put off preparing them till the end. Examine their formulae and ways to apply all of the themes and formulas to their example questions. Finally, let’s get down to business with the exercises.

If you notice that two or more of the questions in the exercise are similar, practice them one at a time. However, if answering the other portions is difficult for you, concentrate exclusively on the parts that are unique or difficult for you.

Finally, make your way ahead to the chapter’s exercises. Completely practice each exercise question. This is how you can complete all of the exercises. I propose that you practice each question on your own, and if you have any problems, you may refer to our offered 10th class mathematics answer pdf in Urdu and English.

Advantages of Notes

  • You can get solved questions answers
  • You will get all the important questions from past papers and their solved answers.
  • Also, they are very beneficial for exams because after reading these you don’t need any books to prepare. Just notes will help you to pass the exam.

How to Prepare From 10th Class Math Solution Notes


Our first recommendation is that you get a crude register for practicing arithmetic answers since the more practice you have, the easier math will become for you.

Let’s have a look at the following idea. Chapters should be prepared in the order that they appear in the maths textbook. As a consequence, if you practice any topic, you will have all of the notions of what is done in a question, and it will be simple and apparent to you. And preparing it from our 10th-grade math notes of all exercises will be a lot easy.



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